Package deals for hourly projects

Save With Packages Deals

All the benefits of hands-on organizing but with additional savings.
Communication via phone and email provided between sessions.
ALL packages REQUIRE full pre-payment which ensures sessions are scheduled
and secured for the client in advance.


Save $50


Save $160


Save $480

What spaces can we help you transform?

Hands-on organizing

$80/hr. with 3-hour minimum
Develop a customized plan and system tailored specifically for you. It’s not just about pretty containers and less, but de-cluttering the space will become more peaceful. Experience the joy of having a place for everything and everything in its place. Organizing services offered for one area or your whole home.
All sessions include:
We love donating extra linens and towels to our local animal shelters and suitcases and clothes to our local foster care system. We are always open to donating your items to any local charity you are passionate about.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

$80/hr. with 3-hour minimum
Organization is a challenge for most but doing it in less than 600 square feet, or often way less, requires some ingenuity. We develop a customized plan and system specifically fitted to you and your RV needs. When working with RVs it is especially important to maximize every available square inch and we specialize in finding unused space for storage. With your RV organized, not only will it feel bigger, but you can worry less about all the clutter and enjoy the outdoors more.
All sessions include:

Moving services

Ease the stress that comes with moving
Whether you are moving, downsizing, or remodeling, we can help you tackle this new chapter in your life. Unpacking and professional organizing can make the transition less overwhelming allowing you to focus on other things. We specialize in determine what makes the most sense for placing items in your unique space so you can be productive as possible. Allowing you to sit back and enjoy your new space.
*all services are customized to meet your unique needs and priced accordingly

Virtual organizing

$65/hr min 2 hours
First, you email us a picture of the space and what your goals are and we will send you a free quote. Next, we will set up a time to chat about your project. We’ll assess the space virtually, discuss budget, style, and your desired outcome and will guide you in taking measurements of your space. Then, we will draw you up a custom plan specifically for your space and send you direct links to purchase the exact products chosen for your project. This is a great option if you want to do the hands-on work and work at your own pace. Additional sessions can be scheduled to help you along the way, if needed.
Virtual Organizing sessions are provided via Zoom or Facetime and require computer with camera, iPad or mobile phone.